About Us

I think life is beautiful!  I can’t help it, I see it and LOVE to capture it for you!


Things I can’t live without:   my husband making me coffee in the morning, wearing aprons while dancing in my kitchen with my kids, and oreo cookies mixed with coffee ice cream!


I am a self taught photographer.  I attended art school in Sarasota Fl, but my real love of photography grew when my first baby was born.


I do WAY to many things at one time, so if I seem a little scatter brained I am probably coming up with my next idea :)


I use a mix of studio lighting indoors and finding that beautiful golden light outside.  Every photo shoot is a completely different experience for me, and I never know what to expect.  I love that about my job.


I love photography because it can make us remember, make us cry, make us smile, almost as if we were still there.~